Kathy McCrohon Dance Center - Dance With Us!
Costume requirements (for all KMDC productions) include hair, make up, and costumes that your child has received.  The following ALL must be worn during Dress Rehearsal and the Performance.
All Groups and Leads, unless specified below, must have a left side part and low bun.  Hair is to be completely slicked back using gel and hair spray.  Appropriate color bobby pins, hair pins and hair net can be use to keep hair out of face.  No bangs! No colored elastics or hair clips.
Click here to find out how to create the perfect bun:
Stage make up must be exaggerated.  It may look like too much up close, but when the stage lights shine, you're child will look professional! The following is required for all:
  • Foundation - match to skin tone
  • Blush - pink
  • Eye color - Three eye shadow colors are usually fine for most complexions:  pearly white/peach/light beige, light brown and a medium dark brown. ABSOLUTELY NO BLUE, PURPLE, OR BRIGHT COLORED TONES SHOULD BE USED. 
1. Use pearly white to shadow on the brow bone.
2. Use dark brown in the crease; make sure that the line you trace goes straight out or very slightly up at the outside eye edge and not down (as the natural eye does).
3. Use the light brown to color the lid from the lashes to the crease; again, extend to eye socket or just beyond.
4. Apply eye liner (liquid or pen) to top and bottom lids
5. Apply mascara to top lashes or use fake eyelashes. 
It the your responsibility to adjust a costume size. 
Nude Leotards should be worn under costumes, no other colors! 
Shoes and tights may vary per costume and will be addressed. 
No rips in the tights (we suggest you bring more than one pair) and shoes must be clean and the appropriate color. 
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