Kathy McCrohon Dance Center - Dance With Us!
The KMDC Dance Program is designed for children of all ages who have the desiree to learn the disciplines of dance.
We offer classical ballet, jazz, modern, Hip hop, tap, tumbling and competition dancing for advenced through beginner levels.  

Our Policies:
To register for KMDC Classes:
Tuition and Registration Fee must be paid at time of registration.  
Class placement is not guaranteed. 
Classes fill quickly so register on or before Labor Day Weekend. First choose a class that fits your schedule, 
fill out the registration form 
and mail it in or drop by during registration days.  
We will notify you if the class is full.

How do I choose a class?
Students are placed according to age and ability. 
If at any time the teacher feels that the placement is incorrect you will be notified and the situation will be rectified. 
The first priority is to place children where they will progress, 
with the day and time of the class secondary. 
Please try to be flexible with scheduling so your child can make the most of his or her dance experience. 
To register for KMDC Intensive/Company Program:
Audition required for new company members. 
 Do not register until approved. 
 1.5 hours of Ballet is required for all students participating in any KMDC workshop, NO EXCEPTIONS, (Disney, Celtics, Nutcracker, Spring Performance, Spring Ballet and Competitions). 
 50% of your yearly tuition is expected at the time of registration. 
 Class placement is not guaranteed.  If there is a problem, we will call you.
KMDC Registration Policy:
Your child is expected to attend all classes and we do not refund tuition for any class the student decides not to attend.  Please note that any outstanding balances must be paid in full before your child can be registered for the next season.  We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. 
What if I miss a class?
Good attendance is necessary to insure maximum progress in class. If an injury does not allow you to take class, please come and watch if possible.
There will be no tuition refunds made.
 If you miss a class, notify the Dance Center the same day and plan for a makeup class.
Makeup classes must be taken within a four week period and are offered September through April. 

Private lessons should be canceled at least 24 hours in advance.

 If at any time you wish to cancel your program, please extend us the courtesy of a call or note, 
for we do not re-register each semester and will assume you are continuing if we do not hear otherwise.
What is the snow day policy?
If the Wellesley Public Schools are canceled because of snow, our classes are automatically canceled. 
If it starts to snow after school begins, check right this website or call and get the answering machine message.
 Makeup classes will be announced. 
Students of Saturday and Sunday classes should check our online news section or call our answering machine.
How are we notified about new information?
Current information will be sent home periodically. The latest notice will be posted on the bulletin board in the Dance Center hallway in the event you did not receive your copy. We also list all current happenings on our website under "What's New". Please ask sitters to be aware of new bulletins.
What about Recitals?
Our annual spring performance runs during the last week of April into the beginning of May. 
Students are encouraged to participate, 
although it is not mandatory.

 Students who do not participate will receive their regular dance training and will not be excluded from any part of their dance class.

 There is a costume fee per class, due no later than October 31. Please note that once a commitment has been made, there are no refunds. Costumes are ordered early to ensure we receive them on time. Costume companies do not accept returns.
What if I am late to class?
Please plan to arrive at the Dance Center early enough to be ready for class on time. Not only is it a matter of encouraging good manners and responsible behavior, but lack of proper warm-up can lead to unnecessary injuries. 
If you are late, please enter quietly.
Where do I wait?
Before Class
Students should wait in the hall area for their class to begin. No one is allowed in the dance classroom without a teacher. 

Parents of younger students should wait with students until class begins.
During class
Students are not allowed to enter or leave the studio without permission of the teacher in charge of that class. 
Parents, guardians and friends are not allowed in the class. 
There is absolutely no food, drink and outdoor footwear allowed in any studio.
After class
Students must wait in the hall area for a parent or guardian. For safety reasons, students must not leave the Dance Center without a parent or guardian.

184 Worcester St. Wellesley Hills, MA 02481
(781) 431-9711
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